Entrepreneurship is not an overnight journey. It is a long haul with all possible obstacles whereby tremendous patience and perseverance is required, throughout.

Knock is a “Made in India” technology brand encompassing rich expertise, unparalleled passion and continuous innovation to help students in achieving their Entrepreneurship goals. We are a team of professionals who have guided the best startups and seen them accelerate in their businesses.

Whether you already have an idea or not, our platform will provide you with the best mentors to take your dreams to the next level. Join us today and learn from some of the best minds in entrepreneurship

Knock has been a pioneer in expanding entrepreneurial access and transforming learning experiences through cutting edge technologies. Using our AI and ML-driven algorithms, our platform extends a seamless interaction experience in the designated areas of entrepreneurship. We are the trendsetters in rallying the younger minds right from the Campuses and hand-holding them in their entrepreneurial trajectory.

We believe in the tenet of constant innovation through the nextgen technologies and reducing the time to market cycle for aspiring entrepreneurs, right from their campus lives.

Our Vision:

To be the market leaders in providing experiential learning on Entrepreneurship from
the Campuses and contribute to building a self-reliant India

Our Mission

Create a sustained aggregation between the Campuses and Industry through
cutting edge technologies and constant innovation