Not so promising placements?
Not willing to work for someone else?
Got a startup idea on your mind?
Great !! You are at the right place

With the otherwise declining and uncertain hiring trends, and more so due to pandemic, the campus placements have become relatively challenging in providing adequate opportunities and relevant roles to the students.

Some of the brilliant ideas that culminated into the world’s most successful businesses began in the classrooms and garages. Don’t let those innovative ideas that can impact many lives, evaporate within yourself.

Through our personalized entrepreneurship technology platform, choose your career towards entrepreneurship and build your dreams.

Why Entrepreneurship?

  • You are the boss of your business
  • You lead your role by example
  • You decide and execute
  • You fail and learn
  • You fulfill your own dream

"Knock the 't' off the 'can't' - be it self-doubt, fear of failure or lack of skills: don't let these traits stop you from pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. Find your mentor and make things big... "

Who is this program for? / who should take up this program:

  • Students of Indian Universities, Institutes and Colleges (Graduation Students and upwards)
  • Aspirants who have an innovative concept for a new business and would like to seek inputs from industry experts to help them assess whether the idea is feasible.
  • Aspirants who come with a dream of becoming an entrepreneur but are unaware of the process
  • Students who are working on a business concept and have challenges with product development, marketing, finance and other related areas
  • Existing family business owners who are interested in learning more about entrepreneurship and would like to have chat with  Industry experts to sharpen their skills and learn more

Just have a mindset to be an Entrepreneur, and we shall have you knock the right people.

Structure of the Program / how it works :

Your Campus shall subscribe to Knock and extend you an opportunity to be an entrepreneur

  • Sign up and create your profile
  • Choose the credits of your choice or go as per the Knock suggested chronology.
  • Using the AI and ML algorithms, our application matches the right mentor
  • Connect with the mentor:
  • interact and learn from the Mentors, Realtime



Why Mentoring?

We all have heard the famous quote - “Rome was not built in a day”. It definitely does take years of hard work and consistent efforts on any project to succeed. On the contrary , all these efforts can be reduced, if a mentor with years of experience, onboards your ship, early in your entrepreneurial journey.

With the guidance of a mentor:

  • The aspirants gain access to a diverse pool of real time experience, knowledge dissemination and cordial interactive sessions.
  • Build a long-lasting & sustainable business with lower risk of failure.
  • Feel more self-assured and confident.
  • Fear, self-doubt and procrastination are minimized and maximum performance is achieved.
  • Faster access to incubators / angel investors / accelerators.

Mentors at Knock Technologies provide:

  • Seamless mentoring sessions in the designated areas of entrepreneurship through credits.
  • Personalized interaction with real-time industry experiences.
  • An inclusive approach to entrepreneurship basis the Vision and Mission of Knock.

What happens in a mentoring session?

  • A 60 minute interaction time is assigned with a mentor for a chosen credit.
  • During the mentoring session, aspirants  will have an online facetime interaction with the assigned mentor to discuss and learn from their expertise.
  • During the mentoring session, aspirants  will have an online facetime interaction with the assigned mentor to discuss and learn from their expertise.

A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself and helps bring it out of you.” — Bob Proctor


  • Upon the Campus subscription, 15 credits shall be entitled to each student.
  • These 15 credits carry a validity of 12 months from the date of Campus subscription.
  • The students can consume these credits depending upon their choice or proceed as per the Knock suggested chronology.
  • The students are advised to consume all the 15 credits within one year from the date of campus subscription.

Program Structure:

  • Ideation – Stage 1
  • Ideation – Stage 2
  • Understanding the valuation game
  • Building the Value proposition for the products/services
  • Importance of recurring revenue & Scalability
  • Legal nuances of a company formation in India
  • Finding the right Co-Founder / Shareholders and leadership team
  • Getting the pre-requisites right (The Founding team, initial capital, website, company domain & Bootstrapping)
  • Understanding the Cap table (Equity mix / Debt Capital if any)
  • Dilution of shares and its impact
  • The Pitch Deck (Business Plan, Methodology, Product or Service, who is your customer, target market, scalability, why now, competitive landscape, GTM, Funding ask & Utilization plan)
  • Review & refinement of the Pitch Deck – 1
  • Review & refinement of the Pitch Deck – 2
  • Connecting with the Accelerators / Angel Investors / VCs – 1